Smashing Freebie!

Where I'm writing today!
Where I’m writing today!

I’m in New Orleans this week, attending the RT Booklovers Convention. I posted my “appearance” schedule last week. Alert readers will note that today, Tuesday, is *not* on this list. That’s because I’m hiding in my courtyard in the French Quarter getting my words in. The above is where I’m sitting as I write this.

Yes – kind of awesomely gothic and tropical.

A fun thing that I’m part of this year is a Freebie jump drive from Smashwords. Mark Coker blogged about it here. The drive contains 349 free books, including my Petals and Thorns. I mean this in the nicest way possible when I say I hope it’s a gateway drug for the rest of my books. 😀

Meanwhile, you might catch me wandering around the Quarter, but I’ll definitely be around tomorrow and the rest of the week!

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