Author Photo Contest!

BPlS_CeCMAErwnYThat picture is a bit blurry, but that’s Nora Roberts rocking it out on the dance floor at the Harlequin party a the RWA National Conference. She is so wonderful in so many ways.

I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about why scenes should have goals.

Also, I’m choosing a head shot for my book jacket! *muppet flail* A real book jacket!! So, I have four new shots. I’ll likely use the one I pick for all my social media schtuff, so you’ll be looking at it A LOT. Keep that in mind. Let me know which you like and why. I brought  a SLEW of books back from the conference, so I’ll be giving away the book of choice to three commenters.
(As soon as my suitcases catch up to me, I’ll take a pic of the stack and you can choose from that.)

All pics taken by Sarah at Pritschow Photography. I think she did an amazing job.

(Also, for the purists, these are not the highest resolution I have – I reduced size for the multi-upload here.)

Take it away!

IMG_4764 small

IMG_47902 small

IMG_47922 small

IMG_96022 small


79 Replies to “Author Photo Contest!”

  1. My vote would be for either pic # 2 – or # 4 – With # 2 – You have a gorgeous smile & lovely eyes – and w/ # 4 – you see the entirety of the hat itself. (You always have the best hats~)

  2. I like #4 the best, it has some personality to it and is a bit less typical as a head shot than the rest. Love the hat!

  3. #2. In actor headshots, once we narrow it down to the decent shots, we are taught to cover over the mouth and nose and just look at the eyes. Good luck!

  4. Photo number 2. Definitely. #1 is too far away. # 3 you have squinty eyes. #4 is not your best shot. #2 IS, however, your best shot.

    And yes, I am an amateur photographer who takes her actor husband’s headshots, why do you ask?

  5. #2 — and yeah, what gives, I know you’re my age, so why do you look a decade younger? 🙂

  6. I agree with the vast majority. #2, with the suggestion of the hat and the engaging smile works the best. The others are too far away and your eyes are not clearly visible.

  7. Second one definitely – your eyes are so striking and the photo just says you have a wonderful story to share! (Altho the first one with the fabulous purple hat is great but not my first pick for an author photo.) HUGS!

  8. Absolutely # 2. It is a fabulous shot with just the right amount of blur everywhere except for your eyes. Kudos to your fabulous photographer Sarah who also adheres to the rule of thirds…by putting the main focus of attention NOT directly in the middle of the frame. The tilt of the hat and your head also adds a very nice element which draws you into the frame.

  9. I like the first one for the book jacket as it has a more serious, sophisticated tone and I like the second one for your social media stuff, because I like your smile and the way the hat is situated in the picture. How many hats do you have btw?

  10. Ever the intentional contrarian I like #1 but concede it’s probably not the “invite me Into your space” look you seek. Then #2 & #4 are my favs.

  11. Okay everyone, I went with the overwhelmingly popular choice, #2. But I will keep the others for various uses.

    Thank you all so much for helping me pick!!

    I’ll post the three winners (via random drawing) tomorrow.

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