Interviews, Reviews and Awards – Oh My!

Cute kitten pic of the day!

Today I’m over at Reading Reality, answering questions. They also did a lovely review of Rogue’s Pawn, if you’re not sick of reading about it yet!

Also, I’ll take a little break from the non-stop Rogue’s Pawn mentions to say that Sapphire won first place in the short erotica category of the International Digital Awards! Petals and Thorns also finaled, which is just lovely. And funny to me, because I’d had the impression that readers liked Petals and Thorns better than Sapphire. Shows you what I know! And that it always just depends on the reader at the moment.

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  1. D’awwwwwwww!

    My wife Marlene (of Reading Reality) and I also have a black and white kitty who likes to make it difficult to lean back all the way in my chair. 🙂

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