Best Writing Retreat Ever

You all know the saw – writing is a lonely gig. And that’s why having friends and critique partners can be so very important.

This last weekend, Laura and Marcella came to Santa Fe to visit me. We had a lovely time. We toured around the countryside – I’m sure they’ll share some of the adventures – soaked in the hot waters at Ten Thousand Waves and did some major shopping. We each managed to buy a few special somethings, to reward ourselves for hard work and to provide inspiration in the next year.

Over our last lunch, Laura made us get down to business and set goals and plans for the coming year. She’s the accountability girl.

We’d been talking writing all weekend, of course. Chewing over plot ideas, sympathizing over business annoyances, coming up with great book ideas and insisting that the others write it. The goal setting was the culmination of all those winding conversations. We probably wouldn’t have come up with the same things that first day. But after all those hours of working things through, everything seemed much more clear for what needs to happen in the coming year.

It wasn’t a writing retreat, because none of us really wrote. (Except for Marcella who was dutifully marking down ideas in her notebook.) I kind of think that if we’d formalized it, the energy wouldn’t have worked so well. No lectures, workshops, official brainstorm sessions. Instead the ideas ebbed and flowed in a natural way.

We’re thinking about doing it every year.

Thanks ladies!

8 Replies to “Best Writing Retreat Ever”

  1. It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I feel so incredibly blessed to have such fabulous friends and crit partners.

    I’m still processing, but I’m feeling different sea-changey ways in how I can work coming as a result!

    And also lusting after art in the Chalk gallery…

  2. Ditto, lusting after some of the art in that gallery – man. Gorgeous stuff.

    My brain is spinning – chewing on everything we talked about, replaying the fabulous weather, the hike to Bandelier – it was a stellar few days.

    My thanks to Jeffe, David, Zip, Teddy and Isabel for being such lovely hosts!

  3. Thanks for posting that great picture of the three of you!
    And I’m glad to hear you had such a wonderful time together

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