Our yucca spire continues to get taller. Some days you can almost SEE it grow. Just amazing. You can compare it to a week ago.

Sometimes I think writing success can be like this. Your life can go on with no apparent change while you work away at something. Every day you add a little bit. You extend the novel by another 1,000 words. You refine the story, make the character arcs stronger. You take in what you are fed and you grow, by infinitesimal amounts, day by day.

Often it may look like nothing at all is happening.

Then one day – it all pours forth. The work comes to fruition.

This is the overnight success. Where suddenly someone bursts forth upon the scene, in full flower, towering above everyone else. Never mind the years in the desert, the months without rain. The flowering unseen.

In this era of full-disclosure, it’s hard to imagine anyone flowering unseen. Everyone out there seems to be yammering away at top volume to declare their wares. In a crowd like that, it’s easy to fade to the back, to be just another yucca.

Just wait. Keep adding to the roots. Enjoying the sunshine.

When that spire shoots up, oh yeah – they’ll notice then.

4 Replies to “Blooming”

  1. Love this post! If my "spire" is ever even half as noticeable as your yucca's, I'll be happy. 🙂

  2. Your are a veritable font of inspiration in this very dry season (literal, not figurative.)
    In our writing community there seems to be a number of "spires" that were once aspires and are now inspires. nyuk, nyuk.

  3. Thanks gals! Linda – I'm sure your spire will be most impressive!

    har har, Jeanne! (~praying for rain~)

    Yucca-girls, unite, Laura!

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