Petals & Debates

I’m on the road again. Well, on the air, really.

At one time, I traveled pretty much nonstop. Like one to two weeks out of every month-type nonstop. I’ve gotten spoiled since that project was canceled. It felt traumatic to pack up and leave home for this two-week stint in New England.


I’m hoping for some good photos. And pithy observations. Hey, it could happen.

Meanwhile, there have been interesting developments with Petals & Thorns. It was reviewed on Dear Author. I was simply thrilled. This is a major site – one I really like and respect, for the honesty of the reviews. Janine, the reviewer, only gave it a C+, because she was bothered by some of the aspects of the story. She talked about her reactions in depth and it stimulated great discussion. I loved having this kind of thoughtful review.

In turn that stimulated another thoughtful post on the topic.

I commented briefly on the first and really wanted to on the second. I might still. But so many reviewers complain that author commenting has a chilling effect on reviews.

Still, many of the issues raised are those that prompt me to write these stories, to explore these power issues and darker emotions. I feel a bit, what, deprived that I can’t leap into the discussion.

We’ll see how long I last.

3 Replies to “Petals & Debates”

  1. Oooo, controversy! I do love a little controversy. (More to read than to participate in, I hasten to add.) I sense rising book sales in your future. 😉

    I thought your response at the first site was indeed classy. Kudos to you. I can also understand your reluctance to wade in on the second one. It's a dilemma — you have tons to offer on the subject, obviously, but having the author participate can put a damper on the discussion.

  2. There's incredible power in creating an out-of-the-box work that challenges people and makes them *think*. Often, coloring outside the lines makes people uncomfortable…but I think that discomfort is important. And it should be sought out.

    Otherwise, we get stuck in ruts and read the same things over and over, never contemplating new things.

  3. Thanks Linda! Yes, always good to be discussed. Thanks, too, for the validation that refraining from commenting on the second was the right choice.

    That's such a lovely way to put it, Laura. I feel so profound now!

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