Wolf Moon

I’d like to take you all on a little Santa Fe vacation today. Come sit on my porch. It’s a bit chilly, but we have a heater. Here, you can sit next to it.

Sit with me and watch the full Wolf Moon rise.

I made sure to check the time and paid attention to where the moon rose the night before. Still, at first I wondered if I had it right. Then the sky began to lighten with that silver blue light that can be only moon.

Finally a sliver of moon peeked above the hillside.

This part seems to happen so much more quickly. Even though I know in my head that we are turning faster than it’s moving, it still seems like the moon hurries.

Full of light, it brightens the hills.

And the clouds above.

Nearly free of the hills.

And here is where I didn’t do so well. Hopefully you’re not feeling moonrisus interruptus. See how the focus is already blurring? The moon was so very bright, it took over the lens. All subsequent photographs look like a big white circle in a field of black.

Too bad, because my eyes could see so much more – the subtle shadows of the face of the moon.

I’ll get better at this, I swear.

Why I like writing? If, in the morning, the ending looks unfocused – I can always fix it.

12 Replies to “Wolf Moon”

  1. Wow. That's just gorgeous. I can only imagine it must be breathtaking to see it in person. You are one lucky lady to live where you do. 🙂

  2. I am lucky, Linda – I count my blessings every day! Bring TG out to the Santa Fe Opera this summer. We have a guest room! And martinis.

  3. Jeffe, the Santa Fe Opera sounds wonderful, and so do the martinis and guest room! Sadly, summer is opera season for TG, too. If he left then, his co-workers would send a posse after him. 😉 But someday… 🙂

  4. Thanks Janelle, John and Abby! It makes me happy that you all appreciate it!

    Linda – what we need is an EXCHANGE PROGRAM.

  5. Again, Jeffe, you amaze me with your photos. The moon was gorgeous last night and I wanted to sit down and just stare at it in awe. But you can't read in the dark, so I didn't. However, I can remember how pretty it was by looking at the pictures you took. So thank you!

  6. Thank you, Sylvia! I've been reading your blog for a long time and really love it. (It's Can't Backspace on the side roll there, people.) I recently decided that I should comment more, instead of just reading. See how I'm rewarded?

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