No, this really isn’t about George Michael’s Freedom 90 anthem. That’s just the earworm that springs to mind when I think about Freedom.

That and “the Iraqi people don’t love freedom,” but that one irritates me.

I started using a program this week called Freedom. You can get it for Windows or Macs for $10. Basically it shuts down your internet access for as long as you designate – from 30 minutes to 8 hours. If you *have* to get to the internet, you can reboot.

I thought, oh, I don’t need this.

I read my emails, do my blog post, send the notice out on the social media waters, then shut everything down to write. That works.

Pretty much.

Until I pause to think. I get these impulses, not unlike the emotional eating ones I’ve talked about with fasting, where I think, oh, I’ll just see if anyone commented on my blog.

Or replied to my tweets.

Or sent me an email.

Or commented on my Facebook status.

Before I know it, I’ve lost 15 minutes.

Turns out, I really did need this.

Freedom gives me a level of relief. Maybe it’s like a heroine addict taking methadone, but whatever it takes to break the habit. Now I think, oh, I should check the weather forecast, but I can’t, so I keep writing. Or I think, I should Google that, but I can’t, so I keep writing.

I’ve even extended the time now, which is funny to me. The window pops up saying I’ve completed my session and do I want to quit or extend. Twice I’ve extended. As soon as I quit, the email icon pops up and I can’t not look. I extend and it’s like keeping the door shut.

It’s true: I’m weak and pitiful.

I’m Jeffe and I’m a webaholic.

Thank goodness I was granted the wisdom to get Freedom. Offline I go!

8 Replies to “Freedom!”

  1. well, crap. I guess there's no point in commenting since you won't get it for hours.By then who cares what kind of witty, flattering comment i might make, sigh. I guess I'll just continue trolling the interwebs until my muse bitch slaps me…

  2. This could be wholly tempting, especially during the OCD in-box checking after sending out queries.

    ~nibbles lip~ tempting…

  3. it's a great relief, KAK, for all interweb-related OCD behavior. not being able to look is so relaxing.

    Ha, fooled you Jeanne! (I was heading out on errands today)

  4. Argh. I could use something like that, but…well, I'd probably start obsessively watching the clock, counting down to when I could check my email again. (Yeah, I know. I'm a sad case.)

  5. Oh…I don't know if I could do that! I have fabulous willpower for the most part, but…to not to be able to hop on the internet when I want? I'd go insane. Of course, I always have my cell phone…hmmm

  6. Funny, Linda – a couple of friends used the trial version, then bought it and somehow between the two, got the extend-o session. Both wondered how many hours it was going to be, but neither would cave and reboot.

    I have to put my Blackberry in the other room, Danica!

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