Back on the Ground

Okay, today is for flying, but the vacay is officially over.

Which is just fine.

We finished out last week being lazy on the Oregon coast around Newport. The we spent the weekend on a real live, live-aboard sailboat. Marcella Burnard and her generous husband, Keith, hosted us aboard the Copernicus, the Gemini sailboat they live on near Seattle. They even sailed us over to the Viking town of Paulsbro. There’s Marcella being the deck hand.

And look – here’s me sailing! (Okay, yes, with close supervision.)

Paulsbro was very fun – oddly like a mountain town. People sail in and the marina becomes like a big party, with cocktails, grills and relaxed conviviality.

Now David is thinking seriously about sailing, which fits in well with my ambitions to spend my time drinking wine in the sun and snorkeling.

9 Replies to “Back on the Ground”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. I've thought that rather than buying another house, I'd buy a sailboat and just be a water gypsy for the rest of my life. Ah…the lure of somedays.

  2. Yay! Hope it was an uneventful flight. The Jeffe Sunshine Magic(TM) lingered yet another day. Course, tomorrow, we're supposed to get dumped on – but what that hey. What Jeffe leaves out is that the cats went out of their way to be hospitable – when one decided to have terror induced diarrhea, he did it on *my* clothes, not in Jeffe's suitcase. When another cat decided to yarf on a bed, it was my bed. Not Jeffe's. See? We're a very welcoming lot, here in Western WA.

  3. Thanks to my two Elizabeths! It *was* lovely!

    Keena – the sailboat living thing is brilliantly seductive. You would totally love it.

    Marcella – LOVE the "Jeffe Sunshine Magic (TM)" Will use that in the future. And yes – all four kitties were wonderful to us, too. We loved every moment.

  4. There is no better way than to laze away the day on the water.

    Feel free to use that. Because boating ROCKS but I am sure you didn't really expect any other response from me when it comes to my favorite past time. Let me know when you get the sailboat, we may have to rendezvous.

  5. Anyone boating in the Puget Sound region, yell. We're a sailboat and therefore a little slower than the powerboats, but we're usually up for a boater/writer meet n'greets in fun anchorages.

  6. We could have races! Both across water and writing during the trip, to even it out. But Kelly is down in Florida – you'd have to meet in the Panama Canal or something…

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