Beaches and Birthdays

This is my view at this moment.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wish you were here!

Yesterday I put up a picture from Aaron and Louise’s wedding reception. (Aaron is my cousin.) The actual ceremony took place last Wednesday at the confluence of the Snake and Salmon Rivers. A moving analogy, say those who witnessed it. Those of us who didn’t raft down the rivers or jetboat-in for the ceremony were treated to a reception at Louise’s family home in the Oregon woods.

Also lovely.

Yesterday – my birthday! – David greeted me with a Starbucks gift card when I awoke. The man knows where I live. We threw on clothes and popped off to the coffee Mecca. One of the best things about the Pacific Northwest is that a Starbucks can be found every couple of blocks, even in the smallest towns. Were I to have a complete Starbucks meltdown – and it might have happened once or twice – I could crawl to an outpost.

Just saying.

Then we headed over to the coast, to Newport. David surprised me with a cd of the True Blood soundtrack. Throbbing to the beat of “I Wanna Do Bad Things with You,” we drove through the draping green countryside.

By lunchtime we hooked up with my folks for wine and seafood at Local Ocean. We walked around the shops and looked at the sea lions, who were also enjoying the sunshine.

After a while, we reconvened with my two aunts and their husbands back at the B&B.

We finished the day with dinner at an Irish pub and then a hot bath in the deep jacuzzi tub for two.

A girl can’t ask for a better birthday.

P.S. Why, yes, these ARE pictures taken with the new camera! Snazzy, eh?

6 Replies to “Beaches and Birthdays”

  1. Lovely pics, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I'm a third-generation Oregonian who pledged to spend more time exploring my own backyard this summer, so we've done several Oregon Coast trips lately. The sea lions are always a highlight for me, too!

    Have fun!


  2. I love the pic of the sea lions. The detail makes it seem possible to actually feel the fur through the monitor.

  3. I have such View Envy!

    Also, you seem to have figured out your new camera–I knew it wouldn't take you long.

    Happy Birthday again. 🙂 (I think birthday celebrations should last at least a week.)

  4. The sea lions are so cool, KAK & Tawna – they were just soaking up the sun, so posed very nicely for me.

    It was a perfect day – thanks all of you for the good wishes!

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