Fragments of Something

I’m calling it “Fragments.”

Yes, I finally did something with the pot Alex shattered. I planted some little heat-tolerant plants around it, too – they’re just difficult to see in the photograph. All in all, I think it looks pretty decent. And I planted the roses, too.

I thought about calling it “Fragments of a Dream,” but that seemed, well, spectacularly melodramatic, especially since there aren’t any shattered dreams around here. So I decided to leave the title of my found art as just “Fragments” – that way the viewer can fill in his or her own thing that’s disassembled.

I went through The Body Gift, too, and made everything match up (I think, I hope, I pray). Sent it to three of my Critique Partners and one, who hasn’t seen any of it, has declared herself in love already. Big sigh of relief there. The agent I’d love to sign with said to send it so she could read it before the National convention, so I’m going to have to trust in the story and send her off soon.

Yeah, okay, I’m nervous.

And depleted.

My well is bone dry. I think I’ll even take this week off from writing and not even look at any wordcounts. Plus, this will be a busy time. David’s birthday is Wednesday. We go up to Denver for my high school reunion on Friday. Then next Tuesday, I head to the RWA National Convention.

Somehow my Julys always seem to end up really busy. Here’s hoping for a lazy August!

4 Replies to “Fragments of Something”

  1. Thankfully, Nationals is my last big event for the rest of the year (I think). Since the beginning of 2010, I've been run ragged with graduations and preparations for my brother's wedding. I haven't been this crazy busy since my college partying days! I'm with you though, c'mon lazy August!

  2. Jeffe,
    I've gotten very little accomplished in the past two or three weeks. I've not been lazy, just filled to the brim with family and friends. I feel guilty, but then I remember how much we need to take the time to refill our wells. Relax. Enjoy.

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