And Also Patience, Play and Naps

I spotted this blossoming prickly pear by accident.

I happened to look down from the bedroom window and the spot of butter yellow caught my eye. It was blooming away under a bushel, or rather, a sagebrush. It took a bit of clearing to get the photo. Now I feel like I need a special path around to the back of the house, so people can be sure to see it.

But, seen or not, appreciated or ignored, it blooms anyway.

A number of people commented on yesterday’s post. Tara Lain told a great story about koi and cats and suggested we add the word “patient.”

And, in the infinitely frustrating world of blog commenting, Kerry tried to comment, but was denied. She wanted to remind me that cats also know when to play silly games and when to take a nap.

That might seem self-evident, but it’s easy to forget.

So as we finish out our Fridays, it’s good to revisit what weekends are about. For many of us, the weekends are full of tasks. I know my To-Do List is long. I try to do laundry every-other weekend and clean the house on the intervening weekends. Last weekend, though, I was gone, so now I have three weeks of laundry to catch up on the same weekend as house-cleaning. We have guests coming next weekend, so there’s no fudging that part. The garden is crying for attention. I have some publicity stuff to do for Petals & Thorns, coming out July 13.

And about 35K to write on the novel.

No, no, no – I know I won’t do that. But it does hover pretty high on my mental To-Do list.

The things that don’t end up on the list? Games, naps, nonsense. Even if we don’t work corporate jobs, our families and friends often do. Weekends should be for play, too, not just catching up.

Or running in place.

Or bailing the sinking boat.

Wherever you might be with stuff.

Here’s hoping you get to do something silly, catnip optional, and that you indulge in a nice nap.

I’m adding them to my list.

11 Replies to “And Also Patience, Play and Naps”

  1. Don't hate me, but I'm finding the best part of being unemployed is having time to play and take naps between bouts of job hunting, writing, laundry and cleaning house. It won't last forever, but it's a nice respite.

    Now if I could only find a way to be paid for napping.

  2. My weekends are reserved for cleaning house, running errands, and the like, but I always make sure I take time to read, relax, and yes…nap. I'm a napping fool on Saturday and Sunday. Well…okay, so I nap during the week too, but it's just a 10-15 minute cat nap, not a proper nap that lasts for hours. *sigh*

  3. How can we not hate you for that, Keena? It sounds completely fabulous! A great restorative period for you.

    Danica – you're way ahead of me in your wisdom. I shall learn from you.

    KAK? I didn't know you were awake! 😉

  4. Uhm. Could we agree on a metaphor that doesn't involve boats sinking? Should I mention that the hubby had originally lobbied to name *our* boat "Nostromo"? Yeah. Now you know why naps are a regularly scheduled half hour of my afternoon. I need my strength and mental resolve before he comes home from the corporate job. As for cleaning, I strongly recommend the book "Speed Cleaning". I also strongly recommend giving away a bunch of material goods, and moving to someplace that can be vacuumed in under twenty minutes. But that's just me.

  5. I threw that one in just for you, Marcella. 😉 Is there really a book called Speed Cleaning? I can do the whole (now much smaller) house in two hours. Works for me!

  6. Why does speed cleaning always involve getting rid of all of your stuff? Of COURSE if you have nothing, there's nothing to clean!

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