Over the River and Through the Woods

Turns out cholla do more than produce burrs.

This photo might seem silly soon, because when I foraged out to get a photo of this rare blossom, I saw that the entire cholla is covered in buds. So there might be photos of cholla in full bloom soon.

But for now, this is the first, and therefore special.

I’m off to Denver today, to my mom’s house, to help clean it out for the Big Sell. She and her David have been crazy busy fixing the place up to put it on the market at the beginning of July. Stepfather David instructed me to bring the biggest car we own. Or to borrow a bigger one. He’s big on getting rid of stuff.

Most will go into storage right now, until my mom buys a “little jewel box of a condo” to house her art. That’s the most important part.

People are predicting that this will be emotional, but I think we’re ready. It helps that my David and I purged last year when we moved. The house was the first my mom bought, and therefore special, but it’s not the last.

And it’s time to let it go.

4 Replies to “Over the River and Through the Woods”

  1. You know, the key is having something to move to – a vision of what you want that overpowers all the sentimentality about the material things accummulated. That and having the ability to say 'no one's used this in months, let it go to someone who will cherish it'. The whole boat thing really helped us get over being acquisative. If there's any hope that I spelled that properly… I hope it's a great trip, regardless.

  2. Good Luck on the purge.

    The first house my hubs and I bought we only lived in for six years. When we built the house we are in now, we felt that if wouldn't be so hard to leave, but surprise, surprise, we had a difficult time closing that door for the last time.


  3. Thanks KAK – no leezards in sight!

    And yes, Marcella, that's exactly where we were and it did help. It brought pleasure for a long time and holds good memories, time for it to add to someone else's life.

    Kelly – it's so funny what one finds it hard to close the door on. Never what I think it will be.

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