A Thousand Words

The desert four o’clocks are in full bloom, lighting up the landscape with their intense purple.

Turns out that the New Mexico Tourism Department is running a photo contest. I think I’ll enter, just for kicks. (No, not with this photo.) I can enter five, so if any of you have opinions on the pics you like best, let me know! I put all my best photos on the blog here, so I’ll likely pick from those.

I don’t expect you to troll through the entire blog archive, unless you’re really excited to to it. The New Mexico photos start almost exactly one year ago, which is a serendipitous coincidence, with I’m Just Wild About Harry in June 2009.

After that week, you’d have to skip into July, for the house-hunting trip beginning with Our Eight Lovely Finalists (which are only pictures of houses). Then it’s to August and Dances with Quail.

Yeah, I got sucked into reading those old posts. Such with the navel-gazing.

You’d be well-advised just to look through the photos. Or not. BUT, if someone suggests a photo and it wins anything, I’ll give you a prize. A gift-certificate to Ten Thousand Waves or to the indie bookstore of your choice.

See? It’s not always about writing.

Although, I can’t help but notice that the saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I write at least a thousand words a day. That means one photograph is the same as writing my 1K?

Yeah, not so much.

We need to reevaluate that saying.

7 Replies to “A Thousand Words”

  1. I don't know how many words a photo is actually worth, but taking them is another way to express your creativity. And the more you express it, the more your writing will benefit! So click away. And good luck in the contest!

  2. I think you should enter. Here are my picks:

    June 8
    May 27 (which happens to be my birthday)
    May 26

    That was a brief exploration. I may do more later. Good luck!

  3. Taking 1.85 pictures per day could be an interesting challenge. I guess you just start with 2 pictures and then PhotoShop out someone's head or maybe anything green.

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