The Living Is Easy

Our neighbors have two tween girls, who are on school break now.

Though our houses have a good distance between them, I can hear the girls play the radio on these hot summer days. I don’t mind it a bit. I think they must be sunbathing on their walled patio. From time to time, I hear their happy voices in counterpoint to the pop songs and boomingly enthusiastic DJs.

I remember that time, spent mostly at the neighborhood pool. We slathered on tanning oils and watched the older girls, relaying to each other the stories we’d heard of who those girls were tanning for. We had this pervasive sense of preparation. That if we groomed ourselves enough our lives would begin and all the excitement bubbling inside of us would have somewhere to go.

The days then lasted forever, though summer was always over before we knew it.

Some of that feeling returns to me, hearing the neighbor girls’ radio. I sit at my desk, reviewing comments on EPA’s proposed Geologic Sequestration Rule and time stretches out, becomes languid. Hot summer air pours in the window.

Happiness can be such a simple thing.

7 Replies to “The Living Is Easy”

  1. There are times when I really miss those carefree days of summer. I wouldn't want to be a teen again, but I'd love to spend my days by the pool without a care in the world, listening to music! Although knowing what I know now, I'd apply sunscreen instead of baby oil! 😉

  2. Funny – I almost made that comparison, the baby oil (gah-I shudder to recall that!)vs. the sunscreen I slather on now. But it seemed to break the mood… Heh.

  3. Aww, that was lovely!

    And I totally want to go sit outside by the pool (which I don't currently have) now, so thanks for that.

  4. They seem very sweet – I'm sure some cold Cokes and a bag of Gummie worms would totally get us on the patio!

  5. Oh, Jeffe, you brought some sweet memories. I do remember those long summer days, hanging out at the pool with my friends, listening to the songs of summer, showing off our bathing suits that we didn't quite fill out (LOL) and knowing that anything was possible in a few more years.

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