Welcome Tabitha!

Yesterday, we made a wish.

And it was granted. Tabitha Claire Beck was born in the early afternoon on October 1, the 40th anniversary of my father’s tragic death.

I was bemused to write that Alison, Tabitha’s mother, is my stepsister-in-law. My own family is so small now that there are very few people in it who are not step- or -in-law, in some fashion. I am a stepmother and step-grandmother in one direction, and a step-sibling and aunt in another.

The beauty of the blended family.

Some people have enough in their core families that they don’t have to let the steps and in-laws in. They keep them on the outer fringes. Forever not-exactly-family.

But those of us with dwindling blood families are grateful for the chance to blend. And in this case, for new blood to change our luck.

For 40 years, October 1st was our bad luck day. A day of car wrecks, broken hips, broken elbows and death.

Now it’s Tabitha’s birthday. Blessings on us all.

3 Replies to “Welcome Tabitha!”

  1. Hearts are for families, not tags. Being Irish, there is blood family (no choice) and family of the heart. An adopted sibling is still a sibling. Just as much love.

    My son's wife is my daughter—by marriage, yes, but just another of my children.

    May Tabitha's birth be the start of a wonderful new chapter in your family's saga.

  2. What a beautiful child, Jeffe. I'm glad life turned a day of mourning into one of celebration. Welcome to the world, Tabitha. It's a wonderful place.

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