Yes, My Hat Is Black

My life now is about negotiations.

I find myself becoming a shark. A surprising development, but there you are. We’ve all always known I’m not an especially nice person, but lately I find myself becoming downright mean.


And still: I don’t regret it. Sometimes I think you have to be a bit mean, to fight for your own interests. Because there sure seem to be plenty of people out there who will take you for what they can if you let them.

Quick Summary: (nod to Marin)

We offered on Puerto Court, they countered, very high. We countered with a firm offer. If they won’t take it, then we’re offering on Glorieta, which is lovely and wonderful also. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’ll have to skim the last few posts here, here and here.) Seems the people selling Puerto bought it just a year ago, lost the job and had to move. The house has been empty and on the market since December. The seller’s agent and even our agent feel bad for the sellers and seem to think we should make up more of the price difference.

Hence me feeling mean.

I’m sorry the market slumped. EVERYBODY is sorry. We lost about $100K of value off our house and that’s a sorry thing. But it doesn’t hurt us so much because we still have a lot of equity in our house. Which was a house we could easily afford. I’m sorry that things went badly for this other couple, but I really don’t feel we should agree to a less than ideal financial decision for us, to make things up to them.

Call me mean, indeed.

So, that’s where we stand. Hopefully the Puerto folks will be smart and take the offer. I really do feel it’s generous, given all we have to do to fix up the house.

Stay tuned…

A bit of my melodrama:

You must pay the rent!

I can’t pay the rent!

You MUST pay the rent!

I CAN’T pay the rent!

Where is my hero in dusty chaps and a silver Prius? Oh wait, I’m the bad guy!

8 Replies to “Yes, My Hat Is Black”

  1. Good for you on taking a stand. Why SHOULD you give them a higher offer just cos they made a bad financial decision? That's their problem.

    I'm waiting breathlessly to see how it all turns out. 😉

  2. Hand the black hat to your agent and tell her if she doesn't put it on her head, you can find another place to stuff it. ;D (Oh, wait, was that my outside voice?)

  3. Can YOUR agent legally make such a ridiculous suggestion to you? Isn't she legally required to work in YOUR best interests? Sketchy agent. And absolutely stand your ground! I'd have countered even less than my first offer. ROFL

  4. Liz — I *love* your style! I'll sic you on our agent, when you're done making the best RWA chapter website in existence!

  5. Ack! I'm finally catching up with blogs and I know I'm late to the party, but I'm nodding back, thank you!

    Meanwhile, I don't think you have to be nice. All's fair in love and real estate.

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