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  1. I would love to see things from Rafe’s point of view. He was a rather mysterious character in Mark of the Tala, if I recall correctly. If you keep going, I’ll certainly snatch up the rest (my love of Ash knows no bounds). Though again they are stories more centered on the heroine. There’s something very pleasing about the symmetry of the 3 sisters worshiping 3 goddesses with 3 different powers and personalities uniting in the end to defeat their father. Very interested in what your assistant says about Cassiel’s Servant. Glad to hear we finally get some of that angst. Also very intrigued by ONEIRA now.

    1. Yes – they are deliberately heroine-centric stories, so that would be a challenge in writing from another POV. And I loved their being avatars of the three goddesses. Yay on ONEIRA!

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