First Cup of Coffee – July 10, 2023

The ROGUE FAMILIAR audiobook is out now! I’m talking about Jacqueline Carey’s CASSIEL’S SERVANT, how it compares to KUSHIEL’S DART, and on making choices about where to begin a story.

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  1. When tasks become more complicated and time-consuming than originally planned, I always think of the “if you give a mouse a cookie” kid’s book. It’s nice to spend a weekend away from the computer sometimes. Looking forward to your new story!

    And yes, I remember you talking previously about how modern books would start much further in the story than Dart does. So much happens in it. The whole trilogy is an amazing story. I was wondering if Cassiel’s Servant would follow that pattern. I was hoping to really get into his head so it’s a shame if it doesn’t go as deep into his conflicted feelings as I wanted. I’m still looking forward to it though – less than a month to go.

    I suspect people who will read it will not mind where the story starts. They’re been invested for decades lol! I had Robert Jordan fans try to get me to read WoT years ago and I had to explain I already have my favorite long-winded authors thank you very much and I can’t fit in another.

    1. I tried WoT and noped out after the first book. Not for me. I keep going back and forth on Cassiel. I think it wouldn’t stand alone as its own book, but I don’t think anyone would read it that way? As fan service, though, I’m still loving it, which I suppose is the primary point.

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