A Tale of Two Roses

Okay, it’s really a tale of two technologies, but that doesn’t sound nearly so cool, does it? I’ve been discussing on my podcast* from time to time that I’ve become very aware of the difference between taking photos with my phone vs. my “real” camera. Since we’re talking technology, I’ll get specific. For my phone I have an LG V30. It’s supposed to have a great camera and for the most part I like it. The most annoying aspect of it is that it tends to focus on the background on close-up shots, for example, of my Blue Girl rose. Even if I put it in manual mode and focus on the rose, it likes to focus on the background.

This is about the best I got after several tries. It’s pretty enough for Instagram and so forth. But the photograph is far from optimal.

Now, my camera is a very nice Olympus digital camera, E-620, that I’ve had for a dozen years. I even have a telephoto lens to go with it and a tripod. I used to use it all the time. But you all know how it goes – the phone camera is so much more convenient, I have it with me all the time, it’s easier (fewer steps) to post to the internet. For quite a few years there, I let the Olympus languish with very little use.

But, check this out. This is the same Blue Girl rose, taken at the same time and at close to the same angle. See the difference in crispness? And it’s not just the focus, which is hella better. See the difference in the richness of the color, the detail on the petals? You can even see the droplets of rain on the petals.

I thought this side-by-side test was super compelling, so I’m resolving to use my Olympus more, to the point of dragging it along on vacations and so forth.

Some things are worth it.


*By the way, I so appreciate all of you sending support for the podcast and paying writers. Buying my books and sending a bit of money my way, as so many of you have been doing, has made my heart grow three sizes. Seriously.

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  1. Very much I see the difference and yes, a good camera makes all the difference. My daughter does photography and takes some lovely pictures. As for getting your books? Well worth every penny, Jeffe. Every penny.

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