So, I woke up this morning to the nicest note via Instagram private message. There’s a screenshot above, but the text says:

Just wanted to drop you a note & say how much I appreciate you & your writing! I discovered your books a few months ago via an Amazon recommendation & have devoured 15+ books since then. What I especially appreciate is that you write/publish books consistently while maintaining quality (obsession-inducing) writing. I am reading Dark wizard now & just purchased Bright Familiar. Thank you for doing what you do! 🙌🏻

Isn’t that lovely? It’s especially meaningful because I sometimes get the sideways snarky comments implying that my books must be lower quality because I write fast. To be fair, these remarks come from other authors, not readers. Most of the time I can shrug it off – we all get jealous of other writers, we’re human – but when someone uses the phrase “churn books out” like I’m running a widget factory, it sets my teeth on edge. So to have a new reader specifically praise my consistency and quality? Well, it means a great deal. I needed to hear that today!

In other news, I’m publishing a book on Kindle Vella! This is a new program of Amazon’s – their attempt to glom the Radish market – where you can read stories episodically. Mine is an erotic paranormal – along the lines of Petals & Thorns, though slower burn – called WEDDED TO DARKNESS. It’s a Jekyll & Hyde story, gothic and a bit creepy, only sexy! The first three episodes are up, and they’re free. After that, readers pay in coins to read the next episodes. I hope to post a new episode weekly. Maybe on Fridays? We’ll see!

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