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  1. It’s been a long time since I watched the cartoon version, but in Disney’s live-action remake with Glenn Close Cruella definitely wanted the puppies killed. She’d hired the taxidermist guy to do it, but she wanted real dalmatian puppy fur for the coat because faux fur simply would not do. Also I had forgotten Hugh Laurie played one of the bumbling henchmen. I just rewatched it earlier this year as my grandniece saw the preview for Cruella. When I asked where the puppies were she looked at me oddly so I quickly realized she’d never seen 101 Dalmatians in either form. She chose the live action one to watch. I do want to see Cruella for the double Emmas.

    Happy release day!

    1. Yeah… I didn’t love the Glenn Close version – and I love Glenn Close, so I wanted to! Alas.

      And thank you!

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