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  1. I vaguely remember watching Three Days of the Condor way back when, but don’t recall much about it. I didn’t know they’d made a series out of it. So many streaming services I swear I miss out even hearing about 75% of stuff nowadays.

    Brendan Fraser hurt his back doing stunts. There was also the whole situation with the guy who used to run the Hollywood Foreign press groping him at an event. He disappeared for a while after that. He did star in some we’ll just call them not-well-written movies, but I always thought he was underrated as an actor. And he had some gems too.

    Ooh I looked it up and the one lead is played by Max Irons. Not sure I have ever seen him in anything, but I adore both of his parents (Sinéad Cusack and Jeremy Irons). I have no time to watch at the moment, but will definitely add it to my list.

    1. Yeah, there’s no way to watch it all. The stuff that surfaces is often questionable… not unlike KU!

      Very interesting on the origins of Max Irons – he was excellent! And totally agree on Brendan being underrated.

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