4 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – April 30, 2021”

  1. The female or gay hero could win a handsome prince as a reward, no? 😉 You’d think fiction would be the perfect place to break the rules. I’m not going to hunt this author down or anything but a thoughtless opinion can still be detrimental without there being malicious intent. It’s that unconscious reinforcement of the status quo.

    My exes were decent enough people but they always had this belief that I existed as an empty vessel to be filled with the things they liked and that they could reject with impunity my attempts to share my own interests. It’s frustrating to be met with befuddlement when you try to explain women are people too.

    Jak is a complete sweetie pie and I will fight anyone who says otherwise! 😀

    1. Seems like I’ve even written that! It is thoughtless, for sure.

      Ugh on those exes and the empty vessel syndrome. My sympathies :-/

      Jak is a delicious, sweet marshmallow, it’s true <3

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