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  1. Given how Dark Wizard sets up the overall plot, I can see the likelihood of more characters entering the scene. Not a bad thing by itself. I skimmed the book over the weekend to refresh my memory and it was just as delightful the 2nd time thru. 🙂

  2. The volume was lower than usual today. Don’t think it was due to being outside as the ones from earlier this month were fine. Just FYI.

    I don’t like to read about mobsters or biker gangs, etc. either. Even if the author has the characters claiming they don’t make their money the usual way, I find it difficult to believe. I never say never, but it’s not a trope I seek out. I am also not into billionaire romances for the same reason. Bully romance doesn’t sound like my cup of tea either.

    I know you’ve already read Meljean’s The Guardians (though not entirely sure that matches your request since I just started book one). Pretty sure you’ve also read Nalini’s Guild Hunters. I am not a big angels & demons fan so it takes a lot of trust in the author for me to read that sub-genre. Therefor I have no other useful recommendations. Milla Vane’s Heart of Blood and Ashes fits the dark and broody dominant hero part and it’s technically paranormal, but no angels. Plus, IIRC you’ve read that too.

    FTR, I really want Sondra’s story. Also stories for Ambrose, Rhéiane, and possibly Kara. Just putting that out there.

    1. Hmm. It could be a distance thing. Will have to try to correct! Thanks for the heads up.

      You’re right – I have read all of those! Alas…

      So noted! Sondra’s story is the one that’s calling to me most. It might be tangled up with Ibolya and Rhéiane, which would be interesting. Kara would be in that mix, too. 😀

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