4 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – March 29, 2021”

  1. Your comment about the characters liking the same authors reminded me how every time I talk to some educated white dude about fantasy/sci-fi books, he’ll always clarify his preference for science fiction over fantasy and then name one or more favorite authors who are inevitably male, white, and either very old or very dead. And these are people my age! I want to shake them so badly. There are people still writing sci-fi in the year of our lord 2021! Who are white and male if that is so damn important! I’ll name John Scalzi and Andy Weir as some authors I’ve read and they’ll just stare at me in polite befuddlement because of course they haven’t consumed such tawdry works. And I am not going to tell them my favorite authors now because I read fantasy books full of snogging but clearly they are too intellectual and analytical for that. It has killed so many conversations with co-workers and friends of friends.

    1. I feel like I’ve had this same conversation SO MANY TIMES. I’m firmly convinced that someone who can only cite the “classics” in any genre doesn’t really read; they just want to sound like they do.

  2. The pause button seems ideal for cat wrangling. Of course we will miss out on the fun. I think you’d need one of those GoPro cameras like mountain bikers wear. Or better yet Jackson could wear a camera. Kidding. 🙂 The pause button seems easier.

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