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  1. Mm, romantic sexy Jak scenes… 😀 I read Heart’s Blood so long ago, I barely remember it so I’ll forgive you for any retconning you need to do lol!

    Talking about writing processes, I think you’ve touched on needing to change things in the past like how magic works or something as you write more in the world. Given your attempts to push your fellow authors into more writing/less planning, what do you recommend for a fantasy setting? Presumably trying to plan out the whole magic system etc. up front is essentially wasting time better spent writing. You’ve probably covered this previously but I honestly can’t remember.

    I’ve also seen the case where very little is explained up front with only hints dropped along the way as you go through the story which might give you more wiggle room. This approach feels more organic than a massive introductory info-dump but I don’t think it happens very often.

    1. 😀

      And yes – I’m hoping everyone will feel the same on Heart’s Blood!

      Am I *pushing* fellow authors into less planning? I feel like I’m more validating that as a legitimate creative path, given that there’s so much pressure in the other direction! I don’t think knowing your magic system is a waste of time, it’s just that doing a lot of worldbuilding/planning doesn’t count as writing. The trick really seems to be not to throw in details that aren’t necessary. Those are the things that trap you for no good reason. I do think there aren’t many good reasons to info dump a lot about the world up front. Keep the details relevant to the moment.

      1. I apologize for implying you are doing things you’re not actually doing! 🙂 I was thinking specifically of Darynda Jones writing her book 3 times over between the outlining and whatever is done before writing the actual story and you trying to break her of that habit. I’m not judging Darynda because that’s something I would probably do too.

        That makes sense not to get tangled up in unnecessary details. Regarding comics, some people point out that lovingly planning out your world is not drawing comics (or writing books!) and you should just plunge in and start creating. Having been bitten by a lack of planning previously on a project, I’m trying to find a balance between the two.

        1. No need to apologize! And Darynda is embracing her process, which is the most important aspect. Along with balance, for sure! 😉

  2. I also read Heart’s Blood, but since I am saving the Heirs of Magic books to read together–or at least until later in the year–I have zero clue what the situation is. I’m sure you will figure out a clever solution.

    There are several authors who have gone from pantsing (I’m not a fan of that word) to outlining and feel they’ve gained efficiency. Lindsay Buroker mentions that a lot. But there are other authors like Nalini who has said she tried outlining once and was bored to tears trying to write the book. And authors who do things differently with every book. As a non writer I just find it fascinating to listen to authors talk about their processes.

    Happy St Patrick’s Day.

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