6 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – March 15, 2021”

  1. I’ll take fused glass jewelry over rubber stamps myself. Belinda Carlisle! I… didn’t realize she was the lead singer for the Go-Gos. I grew up in the 80s hearing songs on the radio but I didn’t know who performed them. To this day, we’ll be watching old MTV episodes and I’ll still go “Wait, they’re the ones who sang that?!”

    I’m so glad Dark Wizard is selling well! 😀 I preordered Sorceress Queen but I forgot to preorder Bright Familiar. Shame on me. That has been corrected. I’m so excited for their next adventure.

    1. Yeah… I just don’t see a place in my life where I’ll want rubber stamps. And yes! Belinda is amazing. I really feel like the Go-Go’s didn’t get the long-term cred they deserved.

      And thank you <3

  2. You didn’t mention your monumental weekend cleaning of your kitchen. ( Thought you might because of the photo. ) And the nice supply of red wine which immediately caught my eye. 😉

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