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  1. My state is going strictly by age for non emergency workers. My age group opened earlier than expected (yay!) so I was able to register at one pharmacy. The other one near me keeps saying I’m not yet eligible even though it’s been a week since my age group opened up., so I cannot get on their waitlist. They do not have a centralized waitlist, you have to register where you want to get it and wait for them to schedule you.

    I asked my parents and neither of them reported any issues. My mom had outpatient surgery the day before her second shot so she blamed her tiredness on that. But neither had sore arms. In my family we tend to gauge all vaccinations or shots against the time we had to get a bunch of shots when we move to England (I’m at Air Force brat). One of the 6 or 7 we got that day gave us all really sore arms. Nothing I’ve had since has hurt as much.

    You know if you push it back now you will probably finish early. What’s the phrase? Don’t borrow trouble. Why not split the difference and wait a week to decide.

    1. I do think I’ll wait to finish this draft to decide. That will be plenty of time.

      This hurt, yes, though I think arm soreness was about the same between #1 and #2, but recovery was MUCH more intense on #2. I collapsed into another 2hr midday nap again today. :-/

      Ugh on no centralized list. Hopefully you’ll get The Call soon!

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