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  1. As an east coast person, guilty as charged lol! But we do try to remember time zones when working with out-of-state clients so we’ll say “how about 12pm EST/11am CST?” etc. And we talk to folks in Europe so we get duly punished by having to attend super early morning meetings since it’s the afternoon for them. Thus, balance is maintained.

    Artistic people are always getting asked to do things for free, for “exposure.” It says so much about how we as a society undervalue the arts in general. Even if it doesn’t involve writing in your case and just speaking at some conference. But making you fill out a huge form is ridiculous. Asking you to do something for free but you gotta jump through 5 flaming hoops for the privilege of gracing them with your presence is not a favor. Like the people who get invited to be a guest of honor at a convention but gotta pay their way. Not much of a guest then, huh? 😛

    1. Ha! Too funny on the time zones. Australia/New Zealand is the real brain strain for me.

      That’s true on “exposure” – and these things don’t even promise much of that. I’m happy to pay it forward, etc., but I also have to be selfish about my time…

  2. PST people assume it’s the default time just as often, in my experience 😉 How did you like the use of UTC at FoF?

    While I’m very grateful that you participated in FoF this year, you’ll perhaps be relieved to hear that I’m no longer giving my time to Dream Foundry, so I won’t be bugging you about it next year.

    1. Do they? Maybe I don’t know enough PT people! The UTC was interesting and certainly egalitarian, but it fucked with my brain. I also couldn’t filter the schedule for both my events and my time zone, so that didn’t help. FoF was a good experience, though, and I appreciate you bugging/inviting me 🙂 I hope that decision is a good one for you!

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