2 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – March 2, 2021”

  1. Honestly at first I thought it was a frog. And while I have not seen many of the Avengers movies I have seen the first two Thor ones so I know who Loki is. I had to go back and pause the video and then it was obviously Loki horns. But in motion it still looks like a frog to me.

    Going forward in non pandemic times, put all of the conferences in a hat and just pick two or whatever number you want. Or go by the location(s)/travel time. Limiting your time away could be a better balance than giving it up all together.

    As a reader I have greatly enjoyed the virtual Q&As, chats, etc. during the pandemic. As someone who doesn’t get to go to any of these conferences it made it possible to see lots of wonderful authors. So I hope the virtual stuff doesn’t go completely away when real conferences return to being the norm.

    1. I can totally see the frog thing! I love how the Avengers movies combine like puzzle pieces to tell a story you don’t realize is there until the end.

      Oh yeah – I won’t give up conferences altogether. I want to see my friends! But I will try to do a better job of picking and choosing rather than trying to hit All The Things.

      I think the online stuff will continue – it’s been great to “visit” libraries and other groups I couldn’t have traveled to.

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