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  1. The Marys of the world can say no as politely or not as they want but there’s a price that is paid for the path taken. She may not care she made two people unhappy (presumably Jane now needs to do damage control) but it’s not an accomplishment to be proud of and if she’s like that with others, it’ll come back to bite her one day. Who needs a person like that promoting your book? Now you know more than you did before and that’s valuable even if the process of learning it sucked.

    Mom crying automatically makes me cry. I usually cry in frustration because I’m not allowed to punch awful people. 🙁

    Proofing PDFs is hard! I miss being able to print paper copies. Really hate reviewing contracts on the computer screen. Good luck with the printing – don’t run out of ink/toner!

    Also, snippets! Yes, please! I already preordered but I need something to get me through the next few days.

  2. Oh Jeffe. I just want to give you a huge hug. There are many ways to say no politely and to do it with out hurting others. Mary must get these all the time and could have easily said, sorry, my plate is too full. Sending a gigantic long distance hug!

  3. Ugh, I lost my original more well worded thoughts. I shall try to remember what I was trying to say.

    Sorry you are disappointed with the way things turned out. I know you can’t say who it is. I just hope that this person is not an author I read.

    In the FWIW department, Nalini says she edits on paper as she doesn’t see the errors when she tries on screen. And other authors have also mentioned they prefer to edit on a paper copy. I think it’s Shannon Stacey who uses a pen that writes on her iPad, but she is looking down at it in her lap rather than using her computer. Maybe it’s the combination of angle and lack of glare/backlighting that makes you “see” the words differently.

    As an aside, she’d be a good guest interview *hint*

    Do not like the comparison that men are not as emotional as women or that being emotional is a woman thing. Because it’s also not healthy for society to enforce the idea that men shouldn’t show emotion and that women who do show emotion are weak. Grr. Sorry that was a question on a survey recently equating women and minorities who wanted equality as weakening US society and making it too feminine and just NO!

    I cry when I get really mad and always hated that it made the male bosses not take me as seriously.

    I know I’ve already said, but want to reiterate that I like the longer podcasts. That extra three or four minutes makes a difference.

    1. Hate it when that happens! I’m the same way about proofing on paper vs. screen for that final pass – so I did print it out.

      Very true on toxic masculinity! and yay for longer podcasts 😀

  4. Air hugs Jeffe. I’m so sorry, you didn’t deserve that. You are amazing and kind. Someone better than Mary will read and love Dark Wizard.

  5. that sucks 🙁


    I really internalized the “Big girls don’t cry,” mantra for a long time. I don’t think it was helpful — if you can’t cry, what release is left? Anger? I thought Inside Out did a really nice job of exploring the importance of sadness/crying.

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