7 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – February 15, 2021”

  1. None of the instagram live vids saved to IGTV cut off after 15 minutes. I only caught part of one live and ironically it was one of the ones that did not save. But that is more due to my schedule than not wanting to watch live.

    I watched on YouTube today. One thing I noticed, the shelves behind you stay in focus when you move but you get blurry. It refocuses quickly and perhaps that was just the way it rendered on my tablet.

    I do like having the choice to watch even if I sometimes I only listen when the video is playing. I am enjoying the daily earrings. Also looking forward to possible cat cameos at some point.

    1. Ah – good to know! I really don’t expect people to watch live, which is another reason not to bother with it.

      Interesting on the video blurring. I might have to research the settings. I usually close my office door, but cat cameos are possible!

  2. Making deliberate decisions for happiness is a good thing. That’s why I read a lot more fluffy romances nowadays and avoid anything that starts with “after their entire family was brutally murdered in front of them when they were 7 years old…” or other grimdark stuff because nah. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

  3. This page is broken for some reason (missing both the play button and the description that you put in the post), and hitting the play button from the main blog landing page isn’t working either.

  4. And of course, now it’s working *shrug*

    I like the videos being on youtube rather than on instagram; I’ve avoided instagram so far in life. You might want to move your phone so it’s horizontal though. I didn’t notice any focus issues, but I didn’t *watch* the whole time.

    I suppose the question though is, if I watch the video on Youtube, should I comment there or here?

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