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  1. I’m a terrible binger – my brain wanders off after a while and I get twitchy.

    I remember art teachers always chiding me for overworking my pieces so clearly I could never figure out where to stop. I suspect I now know why too. You know the thing about the pottery class divided into two groups where one group is tasked with making as many pots as possible and the other can only make one and it must be perfect? You only get one chance at the assignment grade after all and there isn’t enough time to crank out 10 paintings for each project so…

    I still adore McKinley’s Beauty though I need to re-read Rose Daughter since that was little more dense for me at the time.

    I would be terrified to write just one book and release it without a 2nd ready to go if I was serious about building an audience. Even if it’s a standalone. Because if life or brain weasels happen and you can’t write the next book, readers might just wander off and forget about you unless that first book magically goes viral. There are so many authors vying for eyeballs these days. I dabbled in putting out online content many years ago and I learned all the exciting ways not having a proper plan can backfire on you.

    1. That’s exactly how I am with Bingeing!

      I never heard the pottery class thing, but I like that!

      I might reread those, too – I barely remember them and it would be interesting to compare now.

      That makes total sense. It all depends on where you are and what you’re trying to do!

  2. Thank you for clarifying the fact that having a platform already makes a big difference in decision-making. I feel like this gets left out of a lot of advice/discussions on publishing.

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