6 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – February 10, 2021”

  1. I say get the vaccine however you can. It’s a mess here with no clear guidance. My parents’ doctor’s office called to say they would be scheduled soon so we’ll see if they follow through. Dad has definitely consumed quite a bit of the conspiracy kool-aid but I’m hoping he’ll go thru with getting it. I’ll be waiting a long while thanks to my youthfulness but I’m ok with that if it means older or more vulnerable folks get taken care first.

    1. Thanks! The guidance is clearer here, but very little additional information is forthcoming. I’m glad so many of the older and vulnerable folks here got vaccinated first. Less kool-aid here too!

  2. It will be a while in my state until I’m eligible to get it, but I definitely plan to.

    My parents both had the first shot. Luckily they haven’t suffered any sore muscles or other side effects. Roll out here has been a mess. No surprise given our governor.

  3. Amarillo is, coincidentally, where I got into the worst car accident I’ve ever been in. Not their fault or anything, we were just driving through, on the interstate, but not sure I’d want to go back… (too far for us to go for a vaccine anyways).

    On the one hand, we’re both high-risk, but on the other hand, it’s not that hard for us to avoid people, so I’m not in a super rush, though I’d take it if I could. I signed up on a state website to be notified when we’re allowed to go in, but who knows if that site even works (or when FL will “allow” lower age ranges).

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