DARK WIZARD Cover Reveal!

In case you missed it, I’ve revealed the cover for DARK WIZARD!

This is the first book in a brand new series, Bonds of Magic, in a new world with a new magic system, totally unrelated to anything else I’ve written.

Did I mention it’s new? 😀

You can preorder it at the links below, or on my website, as usual. This one is running a little long, so I’m going to have to raise the price after release, for both print and ebook, so grab the deal now!!

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Lord Gabriel Phel wants one thing: to rebuild the shattered fortunes of his people and restore his ruined House to its former station in the Convocation’s highest tiers of elegant society. Fortunately, through a wild chance of birth, he was born with powerful wizard magic, the first in his family in generations. If he can obtain a familiar to amplify his magic, a highborn daughter he can marry, to be mother to his children, he’ll be that much closer to saving his family. With her by his side, he can ascend to such a position of power in  the Convocation that he can destroy it forever.

Lady Veronica Elal, captive in her tower, has only one way out. To her bitter disappointment, she will never be a wizard. Instead, through a twist of fate and despite her expensive Convocation Academy education, Nic is doomed to be a familiar like her mother. Forced to participate the Betrothal Trials, she receives a wizard suitor for one night each month. Whichever man impregnates her will bond her forever. With no choice but to serve the one who wins her, Nic has one hope for control over her life: a wizard she can manipulate.

Gabriel Phel seems like the perfect choice for Nic’s gambit—he’s desperate and untutored in wizardry—but within moments of meeting him, she feels the bonds of magic tying them together. Afraid of losing her will to the compelling wizard who touches her heart like no other, Nic does the unthinkable: she runs. Pregnant and alone, Nic eludes monstrous hunters, searching for a safe haven. But when Gabriel catches up to her, their adventure has only begun.

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