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  1. Can’t really speak for books by male authors since I don’t read as much of those, but I think male characters coming across as threatening to female characters or thinking of himself as bad in some way until he proves through his actions that he isn’t is very common in romance type books. The (perceived) bad boy with the heart of gold trope, maybe? I probably wouldn’t have batted an eye but it would make sense that a male reader might pick up on that if he’s viewing things through the hero while female readers are doing the same through the heroine.

    I was today years old when I learned Grace Draven isn’t her real name! Other authors have mentioned Milla Vane’s other name so I don’t think it’s super secret. But I’m always impressed with authors whose family and friends all manage to use their pen name in public so consistently that you don’t even realize it’s not their real name. Though I wonder if they worry about doing an event and someone walking up and going “Hey, aren’t you Jane Doe from work? I didn’t know you wrote kinky erotica!” That would be my greatest fear. D:

    1. I think you’re right about that being a common romance trope, so maybe that’s it. Funny on Grace! And yeah, it sounds like Milla Vane = Meljean Brook is common knowledge. I *try* to be discreet!

  2. I think Milla Vane was meant to be a secret, but when the Night Shift anthology released back in 2014 someone (can’t remember if it was the publisher or someone else) let the cat out of the bag. She talked about that in an interview. I don’t think it’s a secret now as if you go to the Meljean site it lists her Milla Vane books (but not the other way around). Unless you are talking about a different name she writes under…

    Thanks for the short video to see the earrings.

    1. Interesting about Milla! Has she been writing under that penname for that long?? But no – that was who I meant. I don’t *think* she has another identity.

      1. Well yes and no. The Beast of Blackmoor was originally in the Night Shift anthology which released in 2014. She didn’t publish anything else until 2020.

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