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  1. Tuesday night I read A Stitch In Time, and I’m now working my way through the Cainsville series. I’ve greatly enjoyed all her books so far, though Rockton might be my favorite.

      1. which ones?

        Cainsville is sort of a small-town urban fantasy mystery with a very slow-burn romantic sub-plot. If you liked A Stitch in Time, you’d probably like it.

        Rockton is mystery/thriller set in the wilds of Alaska, so it’s got some survivalist stuff as well. No SFF, though some things *seem* supernatural, everything so far has been explained as not-supernatural. I read a lot of mystery and mystery/thriller, and I also like survivalist stuff, but not sure if those things appeal to you or not… and there’s not much romance (the MC is in a sweet relationship, but it happens early on in the series and there isn’t usually any relationship drama between them). I think one of the things that really won me over to this series in particular, though, is that she does a really good job of showing different kinds of mental illness accurately, particularly psychopathy, and she also contrasts things that can look similar, but aren’t, such as Autism. As an autistic person who grew up with a psychopathic brother, I get really annoyed when these things are shown incorrectly, or worse, conflated. I’ve also tried to get my parents to read the series for this reason.

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