2 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – November 3, 2020”

  1. haha, I’m actually the one that linked to your blog; I posted it in a couple places after looking it up for a conversation on Dream Foundry. Meant to send you this comment from someone on DF: “That guide to increasing wordcount has completely shifted my daily goal mindset for the better. Thank you!”

    I am currently completely failing Nanowrimo/Free-Fall for some strange reason that started on 11/3… Ah well.

    I can’t read stuff with too many typos either, but Gary doesn’t care at all. At least for us, the difference seems to be that he sees the story as a moving picture, and so as long as the mistakes don’t break the picture it’s fine, whereas I see the stories more as the text itself, so typos and awkward prose break my immersion.

    1. Aha – mystery solved! Good to know and thanks for sharing 🙂 That’s so cool that it helped someone like that!

      I totally believe nothing counts this year – it’s all just such a mess.

      I think having the editor brain (or not) makes a huge difference on whether errors break the flow.

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