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  1. When I commented on Leslye’s instagram that her being on the top 100 was “well deserved” I meant that she’s worked hard and it is nice to see her get recognition for the book in question. And that I was happy for her. I didn’t mean it in a you deserve it more than other people way.

    Some people are always going to be luckier than others or appear to have overnight success. And there are books that just click for some reason and are the literary equivalent of “going viral”. Many people may feel those books don’t deserve the recognition or such a fantastic number of sales.

    But I think most people when they are congratulating someone by saying something is “well deserved” mean it in a more positive light. Yes, you are worthy of this accolade. Yes, your book has merit and should be recognized. I don’t think most people add a “and others don’t” vibe. At least I hope not.

  2. I joined MHC at the last minute because Jane Lindskold mentioned she was doing a kaffeeklatsch, but I was too exhausted to do much else with it. Also confused by the fact that it was the same weekend as Sirens, since they’re both in CO (not that it mattered, since I ended up missing Sirens completely).

    I’m not sure if I use “you deserve it” very much, but I agree with Library Addict on how I think I and other people intend it. I know when I used it on your previous post, I meant that a) you earned it, because you put the work in, in multiple ways and b) I don’t think your books, particularly The Forgotten Empires, gets as much recognition as they should (and I suspect a lot of the reason for that has to do with sexism and being labeled as Fantasy Romance), and c) I’d really like the authors who write stuff like you do, and with your level of skill, to get more recognition/money, so that there would be more good stories of that type.

    Speaking of un-deserved accolades though, it’s weird to me when people applaud for things like someone winning a random drawing.

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