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  1. Sending good thoughts and healing vibes to Carien.


    If asked I would say I prefer third person POV as I like getting multiple POVs. But I will read certain authors who write first person. I

    I think due to what fist person POV brings to a story it’s harder to keep reading when it’s not done well. So I am probably more likely to DNF earlier than I would an equally meh book written in third person. So much of it is author voice. I just tend to notice certain pet peeves more in first than in third so maybe that’s why I think I don’t prefer it. It is most certainly a factor.

    I do not like when authors switch between first and third in the same book. Or first and second. I read a book that bounced between first and second and it was so jarring. But again if done well it might bit bother me.


    The Adventures of Willy and Nilly and Friends will not work. LOL.

    You’ve already used Chronicles. I need a teensy bit more info. Will these be primarily set away from Annfwn, Mohraya, Nahanau, etc?

    I loved the maps in the previous books so I am hoping we get a new one or set if applicable. It sounds like a family tree could also be beneficial.


    1. So, to be clear, I CAN’T use “The Adventures of Willy and Nilly and Friends”???

      It’s going to be a quest, in and out of known lands.

      Good ideas on maps and trees!

      1. Well, you could. But it sounds more like a toddler book than a romance. Sorry, it’s what I’ve been calling them in my head since you first mentioned the possibility. Which probably means you shouldn’t take naming advice from me.

        The simplest choice would be “Adventures of something” or ‘Mission to place”. Both generic, but would work if the something or place was unique to the series. Or you could name the series after the goal of the quest, unless that is a spoiler.

        I like the unusual yet specific series titles like The Chronicles of Dasnaria or Sorcerous Moons. The Uncharted Realms is also a good series title because it evokes a sense of the unknown. Not much help.

        1. Actually, that’s very helpful – thank you! (and I’m totally sneaking the “Adventures of Willy and Nilly” in the series somewhere 🙂

  2. I definitely prefer 3rd. First feels much more like someone (often someone annoying) is *telling* me the story, after it’s occurred, whereas third person gives me the sensation of experiencing it as it occurs. I also prefer multiple POVs and more than one 1st person POV in one book drives me up the wall.

    OMG, a whole *book* in second person? I can’t even stand most short stories that are written that way, unless it’s like an epistolary or something where the “you” clearly isn’t *me.*

    On the naming, is there a word that refers to the inhabitants of the 10+ kingdoms? Or the world? If so, then you could do Chronicles of . Other than that, it’s hard to say without knowing what the arc is about… Maybe “Descendants of the 10 Kingdoms”? or something like that…

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