2 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – September 3, 2020”

  1. I think some readers may not care, but some do.

    Some authors have a strong enough voice they can get away with more: as in  actually less development of their word-building. Or it is not that fans don’t recognize the holes in the logic, it’s that they love the characters, etc enough to overlook things. But you have to be true to yourself. Even if you wanted to change and just throw caution to the wind, it would probably affect the book in other ways.  

    I have “broken up” with more than one author who started off writing more logical-based stories and as the series continues they’ve changed rules and/or gone for the higher stakes and given the newer characters more and more power(s) until the world is unrecognizable. To me, upping the stakes again and again with no logical explanations or true consequences is a cheap move that ultimately never pays off.

    I find the way different authors go about writing interesting. Which is the reason I always enjoy hearing authors describe their writing process and how it changes with various books.

    1. Very true about the voice and loving the characters. In this specific case, it keeps me reading despite my aggravations – and it’s nowhere near bad enough to have me considering breaking up, as I’ve done with other authors, just as you have!

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