The Best Title That Never Was

Our topic at the SFF Seven this week concerns the reality of having to change names. We’re asking the crew if they’ve ever had to change the name(s) of a character or place in a book after we’d drafted it? Who is the character who will forever go by their “unpublished” name in our minds?

For me, it wasn’t a character. But I will tell you about the title I wish I hadn’t changed. 

4 Replies to “The Best Title That Never Was”

  1. I do not like it when books are republished with a different title.

    That said, if an author does change a title, they need to made it super clear in the description and metadata that it was previously published. That won’t necessarily stop everyone from buying it again, but at least the author will have made the effort.

  2. I would leave the title as-is if it were me. At least right now you have the matching Rogue’s Pawn/Possession/Paradise. If you rename the first then what would you do about the other 2? I always mentally call them the Rogue books because I keep forgetting the series is Covenant of Thorns, which sounds way more badass. 🙂 That would have been a great title but I guess it sounds less romance-y.

    1. I’ve always been sorry that “A Covenant of Thorns” never got more emphasized, because it IS badass! 🙂 And true on the 1,2,3

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