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  1. I have a few friends who write MG, and my impression of it is that it’s a very different beast, so it may be difficult to adapt your book. Almost always 3rd person, no real romance, and a lowering of the language level/increased explanations are the main differences that come to mind. I find that 21K average interesting, but probably misleading. You can’t really self-publish middle-grade (I mean, you *can,* but it doesn’t work well, so almost no one does), which would help the average of published authors significantly, when compared to other genres. Middle-grade does have the advantage that authors can earn a lot of money by visiting schools (when there’s not a pandemic going on).

  2. I am with your mom in that I notice when there’s no podcast, but I would never chastise you for it.

    I agree about Wimbledon. There are plenty of famous romcoms that get all the love and attention which I don’t like for various reasons or only like parts of. Wimbledon is so underrated.

    Hope your knees feel better soon.

    The only issue with writing a middle age book is should you use a pen name? This premise may work with that kind of (non)heat level, but if a 7th grader then checks your website for more books by you they could be in for a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I think some middle graders could enjoy a number of your books depending upon their level of maturity.

    1. You’re way nicer than my mom 😉

      Why is Wimbledon so underrated??? WHY? I don’t get it.

      Yeah, I’d likely do a pen name in that case.

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