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  1. Disney would not let me use the name Evergreen for my email address because they decided it wasn’t a “real name.” I considered legally changing it to force the issue, but never got around to it. Most of the people I worked with still knew to call me Evergreen and were good about it, but a few were not and in a really obvious i’m-doing-this-on-purpose way. Also, I’d occasionally get contacted by someone trying to reach Jennifer Lee (the director of Frozen), so you’d think they would have been more willing to let me change it (I’m sure it would have been even more often if my name wasn’t spelled Jenifer; that missing ‘n’ threw off a lot of potential contacts)…

    1. So annoying. My company did the same thing for a really long time – insisted that my email must be Kennedy.Jennifer@ – until my boss finally intervened. That was the umpteenth time after one of our clients – all of whom knew me as Jeffe – asked why some other person had been cc’d. It was so stupid!

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