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  1. I watched the first series of Hidden back in May as series 2 was not yet available on Acorn at the time. I thought the acting was good, but have forgotten many of my other impressions. I also binged Loch Ness that same week and so that overshadowed Hidden in my brain. Sadly, not in a good way. I liked the cast and the scenery, but the plot made me want my time back.

    The main thing I remember about Hidden was the sisters’ relationships and that mother! I do hope to watch series 2, but will have to wait until I get Acorn again.

    1. I haven’t seen Loch Ness – that was the one with the annoying plot? I thought Hidden was beautifully layered. So much about women and how they relate to each other and the world. 🙂 Sisters, daughters, mothers. Just wonderful.

      1. Yes, Loch Ness had a plot with an obvious killer but the contortions they went through to plant red herrings and make the subplots fit were ridiculous. I did enjoy the scenery and the cast for the most part. But it is not one I would recommend under most circumstances.

  2. I baby-sat once, and that was once too many. Will not do that again. I think there are less-awful ways to get to know different types of people/families 😉

    1. You and Carien agree! And I should qualify that I think this is a gig for the young, when you’re more resilient. 😉

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