4 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – July 7, 2020”

  1. Sometimes it’s fun to get thrown right into the story provided, like you said, the context gets woven in later as you go.

  2. Good luck with the meeting. Also, I love the fond of walking tag.

    Perhaps you could also use the outtakes at a later date for the newsletter or website as “deleted scenes.” Those are always fun for us readers.

    I am in an area with lots of people who think Covid is a joke. Stores all have signs mandating masks, but there is zero enforcement despite the county requiring them. It is very vexing.

    1. Thanks! It was interesting. I’ll report. #FondofWalking

      And yes, I’ll do that with any coherent scenes. Sometimes the chopped up bits don’t make much sense.

      Ugh on zero enforcement!

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