The Alphahole Conundrum

My books! Spotted in the wild at George R.R. Martin’s Beastly Books.

Our topic at the SFF Seven this week is “Sex on the Beach & Sand in the Wrong Places: What’s your favorite bit of pop-culture fiction doesn’t work well in reality?”

For the record, I’m going to put out there that you CAN totally have sex on the beach without getting sand in the wrong places. It’s not even that difficult. Are these other people rolling around in the sand with sticky parts first?? I can’t even.

Anyway… Come on over for my thoughts! 

2 Replies to “The Alphahole Conundrum”

  1. Every time someone complains about how there should be more awkward, terrible sex in romances I want to ask if they didn’t get enough of that in their own lives.
    lol sob
    Yeah, no. Don’t need to read about mediocre sex. There are plenty of characters in media that absolutely delight me that would make the absolute worst romantic partners in real life. And that’s ok because I’m not planning to date them.

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