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  1. FTR, I wouldn’t yell at you, just gently remind you—as you requested—3000 words a day is sustainable and that you go through this every time you start a new book. Honesty, I think this is also part of your process.

    I know you’re not interviewing Nalini until November. From other interviews/chats she’s given she is a big fan of working on two projects at once but they have to be in different stages: such as first draft of one and third draft of another or first draft of one and edits of another. I think she has said she never does the initial drafts of two novels at the same time.

    She is an organic writer (she doesn’t like the term pantster either) but unlike you often writes out of order so does more drafts than you do to link scenes together. The idea is if you work on two projects at once you get the initial spark of energy that feels fresh on both. And when the projects are at different stages it uses different parts of her writer’s toolbox.

    It’s definitely something you should ask her about when she’s on the podcast as she will explain it better than I did.

    1. It probably is part of my process 🙂

      Nalini and I messaged about how she does that. I’m not sure her method would work for me – particularly as I don’t write out of order but in one concentrated stream.

  2. I have a file folder called “ideas” that’s full of all the random things I think about, and I regularly pull stuff out of it to use (mostly for short stories, though).

    I consider myself a pantser and still sometimes skip scenes/do things out of order, but then, I also spend far too long on re-writes…

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