6 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – June 16, 2020”

  1. I’ve heard of people reading 1-star reviews of books they loved to make their own reviews hurt less, but not reading 5-star reviews. That’s an interesting twist. Having someone else filter your reviews so you only see the good ones is also a good strategy!

    I was glad that in Fiery Crown, and agree with what you said about it.

    I think cutesy titles are fine when they fit the tone of the book. When they don’t, it sets up incorrect reader expectations.

    1. Carien doesn’t completely filter reviews for me, but she does show me good ones that I miss. I love that!

      1. oh, i just realized that i had a thing in angle-brackets that got lost (should have known that would happen). I was glad that the thing you mentioned being controversial happened, in Fiery Crown.

          1. i was trying to say that something was redacted to avoid spoilers, so had used angle-brackets around it, but that didn’t work cuz html, oops.

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